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Welcome to VAAFSE site


  • Virtual Allied Air Forces Southern Europe, also known as “VAAFSE”, is a free non-profit association of organized virtual units practicing simulated flight.
  • VAAFSE has been created on 2008, December 29, with the purpose of emulating the operational flying activities of the Southern European Air Forces in the past years (1970 - late 1990).
  • To achieve this goal the software platform used is the Lockheed Martin ® “Prepar3D”© along with various other add-on, however it is no precluded the use of other future’s model or software.
  • Members agree to share their experiences and those of belonging to their units, in order to create a coordinated “agency” with the aim to strengthen friendship, standardize and improve the training and skills of its virtual pilots (referred also as sim-pilots).
  • Members also agree that the new agency will emulate, as close as reasonably possible due to the limits of available informations, the behaviour of the existing Allied Air Force Southern Europe, also known as AIRSOUTH, that is why it is also agreed to name such “agency”: VIRTUAL ALLIED AIR FORCES SOUTHERN EUROPE, referred also as  VAAFSE, or AIRSOUTH Virtual
  • To date organized virtual units that belong to VAAFSE are:
  • An important agency of VAAFSE is SIM SKUNK WORKS (www.simskunkworks.com), a developers team responsible for providing all the necessary software and conduct and mantain VAAFSE servers, services and sites to support VAAFSE activities.
    • A Windows based wide-band (100 Mb symmetric) server to provide:
      • multiplayer environment for P3D
    • A Linux based server to provide:
      • voice communication services, using TeamSpeak 2 and TeamSpeak 3
      • a world-wide Combat Zone,using vACMI © server, where VAAFSE conducts its operations
      • a web based interface with Combat Zone
      • a FTP service
      • a WEB service to host VAAFSE sites and forums
    • Other services and activities:
      • Construct sceneries for main VAAFSE airbases and joint exercises.
      • Plan and conduct joint exercises on a monthly basis
      • Plan and conduct live range campaign at Decimomannu virtual airbase, 2/3 times a year
      • Plan and conduct Tactical Leadership programme at Albacete virtual airbase in annual basis

To have more detailed information about VAAFSE read its statute

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